Where is “everywhere”?

Joking around recently, my wife and I were trying to memorize all the towns listed in the song “I’ve Been Everywhere” (made famous by Johnny Cash; written by Geoff Mack) so we could sing it.  Once we had a list of all the names, I wondered what the spread of all these names looks like on a map.  What would it take to drive “everywhere”?


It's 91 locations if you don't include Winnemucca, Mack. Now if you are going to drive this, there are a few wild cards here. In making this map, I generally favored the instance that was either more widely known or had a greater population. For the general areas, like states and countries (Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, Ombabika, Costa Rica, Idaho, Argentina, Colorado, Nebraska, Alaska, ), I've used the state center coordinates provided by latlong.net. Maybe the capital city would be a better choice? Here's some of the names that have lots of choices:

San Salvador, or anywhere in El Salvador?
Canada or Washington state?
South Carolina or West Virginia's capital?


There is a Padilla Bay for Americans trying to do mostly items in the US.


DC or state?


Endless options in the US, but I think Jamaica's is the most famous

Santa Fe

Way more of these than I thought.


What?! There's more than one?

Glen Rock

Glen apparently had more than one rock and he got around.

Black Rock

Towns who aren't very creative in naming. Honestly, I wasn't sure which to pick for this one.


A few choices here.


Several choices.

Spirit Lake

Two city choices, but several lake choices.

Grand Lake

Many lakes, and a town. Everyone thinks their lake is wonderful.

Devil's Lake

Again, a few towns, and several lakes. Apparently, lots of folks think there lakes are possessed.


Chances, are you state has one too.


Wow, lots of states have these too.


A dozen of these in the US, and only one is an amusement park.


So many of these in the US, several states have more than one. I picked the one in Oregon since it is what Matt Groening based the Simpsons town on. On the other hand, the one in Ohio seems to have been voted "Unhappiest City In America" and ranked as the least healthy city in Ohio. Rough.


A few choices here.


This is a tough call. I stayed on this side of the globe.


I went with South Pasadena in CA, since I think that's the most known one.


Mississippi's seems the most famous to me, but there are others.


No shortages of this mythical city of gold.


They say, "Remember the Alamo". That town has nothing on Waterloo! Apparently some of these towns renamed themselves to Waterloo after big fights between locals.


So what states get skipped by all this?


Though it does have a Waterloo.


Not a lot of towns to sing about in this state.

South Dakota



Has a few of Waterloos.

North Carolina

Not even a Springfield!?


Glen Rock, Springfield, and a Waterloo in several counties.


I'm not sure that there is any city mentioned that has an instance in Delaware.

Rhode Island.

One problem with being this small is you don't have a lot of town names (even for New England sized towns).

New Hampshire

Has a Waterloo.



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