About Me

I’m just another coder in the Valley.  Hacking on code, playing with machine learning, and trying to escape occasionally to live a little of the California life.

Workwise: What a long strange trip has been so far.  Long, long ago, I started out doing virtual reality work for scientists and the medical simulations. Sometime after that I became a research scientist for the DoD, building supercomputers and working on high energy physics simulations.  Wanting to do something more, I went back to grad school.  There I expanded my numerics background by getting into languages and compilers.  In a weird twist, I ended up at creating a programming language/compiler for an ultra-low-latency NIC our group was designing.  More recently, I’ve spending my time and energy on machine learning. It is a great place to combine parallel/distributed numerics programming without simulating something being blown up. I started with working on a major ML library, but more recently have been focused on ML applications.  The details can be found on LinkedIn.

Personally: My spare time gets spent traveling, brewing, cooking, mushroom hunting, rock climbing, and designing custom pinball machines.